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MokiRuns Delivery - Meat + Supplements Plan

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What is included? 

- Custom meal planning according to your dog(s)' meat preferences, allergies and health issues. 

- Raw Meat*

- Supplements

- Freezer storage with weekly deliveries to you

- Monitoring your dog(s) weight to make sure no over or under feeding.


*Meats include; 

- Pork, Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Freshwater Fish and Salmon

*Exotic or Specialty meats will be an additional cost*


How we feed?

We feed according to the 80/10/10 method, 80% meat. 10% bone, 10% organs. Each dog is fed at 3% their ideal weight (lowered as needed).

We prep a weeks worth of meals and delivery to you every Sunday! 

What do we feed?

We carry a wide range of proteins, from chicken to fish. All of our proteins are sourced from within Canada and are hormone free. All of our supplements are herbal and naturally occurring.


About the deliveries! 


Calgary deliveries are bi-weekly,

Deliveries to all other areas are monthly.


Please e-mail us at before placing an order to make sure we can provide meals for certain allergies.